Random Acts of Kindness PEI

Please support our campaign and learn more about our why?

Random Acts of Kindness PEI is a non-profit that is taking action to create support and programming for those with mental health and addiction issues. By purchasing one of our Premium Organic Salts Four Pack in reusable glass grinders, for your mother, a friend, yourself or a complete stranger, it helps us get that much closer to our goal of supporting our community.  Please join our "Kindness Revolution" and support our campaign. And 100% of the profit will go to much-needed support and programming right here on PEI.
We bring our communities together to help others and give what we can.

Our founder Anna Howard was the driving force behind RAoKpei, and spent every day making a difference in others lives. She was an incredible human being with an enormously compassionate and giving heart.

She is our inspiration.

Anna Howard
December 1st, 1981 - January 17th, 2017
Anna's Story
Anna Howard was Prince Edward Island born & raised.
Many Islanders came to know this compassionate young woman last year when she launched a non-profit charity called Random Acts of Kindness P.E.I., despite battling BiPolar Disorder.
Through the group, Anna and her army of volunteers went to work offering helping hands and gestures of kindness.
She told The Guardian in an interview last year that ever since she was young she loved doing random acts of kindness and receiving them. “I love when somebody just talks to you in the supermarket line,’’ she said.“It just makes your day a bit better.’’ She encouraged recipients of kindness to pay it forward within a week.
Anna has been described as a person who was driven to bringing happiness to others, as a teacher, family member, friend, mother, longtime Big Sister, and even as a total stranger. She particularly embraced children and had realized her childhood dream of becoming a teacher.
Anna taught kindergarten until her long battle with depression forced her to step aside from her beloved profession.
“What many people never realized though is how strong Anna was: bravely fighting an awful disease that depression is, all the while trying to lift others up through her battle,’’
Anna left behind her son Bennett.
Anna was taken by the disease she battled. She is remembered and missed by all she touched.
“She was so strong and courageous. But like all diseases, even the best treatment and support sometimes aren’t enough.’’
Mother & Son​
This is Annas son, Bennett.
One of our very first initiatives is to start an educational fund for him.
Salts of the Earth is starting a fundraising campaign to fill this need.
To help, please purchase your Salts of the Earth Sea Salt Grinders today.