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Premium Organic Salts Four Packs

Premium Selection of Gourmet Salts (the best salts money can buy)
Four organic salts from different geographic locations from around the world.
Packaged in 32/g Glass Salt Grinders that are reusable, recyclable and refillable, together in a Boutique Box.

Proceeds from campaign will go to creating Mental Health Community
Centre to help those in need. 100% of the proceeds stay here on PEI.​​
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 RAOKer Salts Box

 RAOK has partnered with Salts of the Earth, a social enterprise focused on helping charities and non-profits raise funds for their cause, while their mission is to create a sustainable business that provides gainful employment to those recovering from mental health and addiction issues. The partnership was a no-brainer.  :)

We have rebranded their Premium Organic Salts Four Pack, to the "RAOKer Salts Box". And we are asking you to buy one, or two, or ten, to give to those people who mean something to you. Your mom, dad, sister or brother, or your coach, boss, best friend. 100% of the money raised stays here on PEI, and directly funds Random Acts of Kindness projects. 

The salts come in a variety 4 pack of individual grinders (1 of each flavour, approximately 32 g/grinder) with premium natural organic salts from around the earth. The grinders are custom designed glass, are recyclable, refillable, and eco-friendly! Our salts are delicious and natural, kosher, organic, free from preserving agents and additives. Conventional salt has been processed to strip essential minerals from it and contains additives. Our salts are not only flavourful, but they’re in their purest form. Pure salt. Of the earth.

Australian Sea Salt
A sparkling white, all-natural sea salt, harvested off of the Southern coast of Australia. Drawn from the Southern Ocean, a distinctive element of these waters is the Antarctic Bottom Water, the coldest, most highly-ventilated, hypersaline seawater in the world. It is this feature that produces this incredibly clean-tasting, pure sea salt. Versatile can be used in any food.

Italian (Mediterranean) Sea Salt
Harvested from the waters of the Mediterranean, this is an unrefined, solar-evaporated sea salt, known for its mild flavour and bright white crystals. Without additives of any kind, it is naturally high in trace levels of magnesium characteristic of sea salts from this area, which act as a natural anti-caking agent. Mediterranean sea salt has been responsible for traditional favourites such as Prosciutto di Parma, Salami, Formaggio, and Olives since 140 BC. Italian Sea Salt is 100% natural.

Pink Himalayan Salt
Ancient Ocean Pink Himalayan Salt is a full-flavored, all-natural mineral salt harvested from ancient sea salt deposits found deep in the Himalayan Mountains. The famous range of trace minerals found in this salt, such as iron, magnesium, potassium & calcium, results in its beautiful range of colors, from white to varying shades of pink & red. Ideal for most salt grinders or mills, to display its beautiful color. Delicious and flavourful.


Red Hawaiian-Style Sea Salt
An all-natural, red Hawaiian-Style Sea Salt with undeniable gourmet flair, provides a chance to add an exotic touch to food. Traditionally used for its moisture-retaining and flavor-enhancing properties, Red Hawaiian-Style Salt is an all-natural combination of Pacific sea salt and Purified Red Alaea Clay from the Island of Kauai. Beautiful in color with full flavor and especially hard crystals, Hawaiian-Style Red holds its own in hearty, juicy, or saucy dishes. The added native Alaea Clay helps seal in moisture and makes this an ideal choice for roasting meats.

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